To Hvide Sande : 60km of headwinds

8 Jul

I woke up just before the first rain… which unfortunately made me stay in the tent. I should have stand up and pack fast. Well… the inner laziness was this time stronger. 😉

The first goal was to get some water which was 400m further away. Since it was not on the map, I added it to

The region was going up and down around some few lakes that were created by humans digging out sand.
Church of Oskbøl
Refugee graveyard of Oksbøl
Seeing and reading some of the names is always sentimental for me… ;-(
There was a museum beside it, but I wasn’t in the mood anymore.
The road continued towards the Nordsea again. Passing through a military exercise place…. Contrast full between peace and war.
Very few cars were passing. And most of the time with enough distance. A few drops let me have the rain cover. But it wasn’t raining.
Seems that even larger vehicles/tanks are passing here.
Luckily, some passages were in the forest and therefore with way less headwinds.
That was the place where the road joins the coast and then follow it more or less parallel.
But before it was time for a break, and positive thoughts: a real coffee as with Bellona.
Changing the region
And to my surprise: that part of the coast is military area too.
And facing the wind from front-left.
At one point the militants part ended and there was an official passage to the beach.
Stairs to heaven?
Loads of wind… face peeling included.
The sign to follow…
Simple but effective fire extinguishers
Some houses have suffered from the strong winds.
Some parts are gravel… with up and downs, lefts and rights.
A good thought to Bellona: a fresh pack of handkerchief 🙂
Some tiles missing…
Arriving to the place where I could reserve a shelter.
Explanation how the coast needs to be protected
Fish market..
…mhhh fresh fish – hopefully 🙂
The view from the shelters
The shelters. It was a mixt feeling. I had reserved the shelter some hours online. It was booked til 18h and from the next day at 10h. So I could book the inbetween time. When I arrived there, I saw very things. I thought it was let from others or for the next day. When I had set up the tent after 20h, a danish guy showed up and asked if I had booked it. I said yes… “but I have brought my stuff at noon”. Sorry… why not reserving it if is possible. Or: why reservation if you could just take an empty spot? The guy left. One hour later, a little shower started. I wasn’t very happy about the situation.

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