To Harboøre / 80km

9 Jul

The summary of the day: how can someone be so lucky to have dark clouds before, behind, left and right… but blue sky (more or less) over himself?

I have no idea… but I am thanksfull 🙂

Somehow a short night: I guess the story with the guy who hadn’t booked the shelter made me more to think. Or was it something else? We will see..

It started with a view on the solar panel … yes, even they have a two wind mile with a bit of wind: still a solar farm.
The bridge of Hvide Sand is as well a lock between the sea and the inland lake. Couldn’t be that use as well to produce electricity?
Dark clouds ahead… and of course head wind.
And the sun warming just a little bit.
Fun park… I would prefer at the time a warm jacuzzi since I hadn’t showered since days.
Must quite find… 😉
A bit further, there was a sand castle…
Opening later… and still >15€ to visit. I would prefer a beach and do it myself. ;o)
I guess nature was showing clearly where the wind comes from: ahead.
For the ships..
And the first part of a long straight line… just wind and cars.
Now I know how they drive what is becoming their roofs
Bending posts from the wind.
And finally a coffee and some clean toilet 😉
The road continued here for a while on gravel
Through nice forest with way less wind.
And nice flowers
Unless as guessed on the map: the headwind was back.
It was time for a lunch: a caramel roasted nut from Aldi: they are quite addictive ;o)
I was hoping for nice flowers and some sun. I had the latter
And just a straight line: only wind and cars. Sometimes the wind even stopped me.
Tides was low… it was slowly raising.
Well… where the wind blows DOES matter to me! Hihihihi ;o)
Am I a poor boy? I am not rich. I am thanksfull.
Some tricky places: where the dunes are open to visitors, the wind is stronger.
Those bloody fans/ventilators…. ;o)
Church of Fjaltring..
With peace for the world?
If I had known I would get a private concert?!
Cute flowers… (and another song)
The cycle lane brings you to the cliffs of the Nordic sea.
Impressive and very windy.
There is a path just there for jogger, hiker and cyclist?
Nature wins
Orange flag still there.
Many bunkers are no following. Nazis were bad in planning: some will fall into the Sea. Well, they are not only bad in planning. Just bad.
The wind somehow has blown my orange flag away… 🙁
The path continues up the dunes. So you have to push the (light?) bike up there.
And cycle carefully. Was a reminder of Chile. Lucky to have have some experience. And the big trailer wheel was of big help too 🙂
But here and there: still have to push and walk.
Amazing landscape. Between sea and lake.
When you go up, you must go down… no high speed: too much sand so you have to push through it.
The wind seems to be strong up here?
Glasses hovered by salt. Skin and clothes too.
Happy to have found a camping. And good and cheap.
Nice showers.
Even a sauna. Getting close to Scandinavia? 😉
I met Sébastien and his family… very to have people travelling simply with their children. Not too much luxury so the children grow up healthy. And thanks for the beer! What a nice one! :-)))
Bit windy in the night… 😉

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