Chios Island, cycling day 1

25 Jun

The island Chios is for sure not so flat… and the day started with headwind from north. Not so bad since the temperature was higher and will be higher the next days. 

Fortunately a synthetic green, it would use to much water:

With some climbing….. hot since less wind and no shade

The east side of Chios 

With nice water
The leaving of Chios starting here… mismatch with the app. Sorry. 

Since the temperature was increasing,

I decided to take a break into the water. Just the legs 😉 to cold for me. 

In the north of the island, the road climbs again which gives a nice view over the sea and the war ship Patrouille to look for refugees 

After a while the front tire was again leaking…. I found a fire fountain so I could test out from where it was leaking. 

The journey could then continue. 

To find a nice spot far from the road…

But surpringsly with the visitors of some Shepards looking for their goat. Fortunately all fine. 

Goooood night! 🙂

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