Change in quest: stop posting

23 Jul

Since now a few weeks I am facing  some different situations… some more pleasant, some less. Some technically bound to the bike (3 tyres broken) or even to the blog, other issue are related to people. Some personal, some less. 

And since a while I was thinking about it… tonight I have taken the decision after eyeopening talks with good friends: I will stop to (regularly?) post here for a while. I will continue to take some pictures and send them either by email or WhatsApp. 
If you are interested as well, just contact me to get to get in touch.

And now the most important of all:

I really want to thanks from the deepest of my ❤️ the ones who helped me with all those inputs and supports. You are GREAT and know what it means to be wanting to be a FRIEND. 

It’s just amazing. I am very touched and happy to have you in my heart. 


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