It started again: leaving Athens!

12 Feb

Yes… finally….

It was a not so easy decision to take leaving the friends of Athens and the easy life of “vacation” in Peloponnes by car and Athens. On the other hand: my body has lost all strength and I was believing that the street would be less crowded. 

Well… once more I was correct:

-Never trust the weather forecast which was prognosing dry sunny/cloudy weather.

-the road are less crowdy on Sundays 

-my body wasn’t in shape anymore

-my resistance to cold neither…

So after saying goodbye, the rain was greetings me…

With a long time ago known feeling: cycling!

And there was light at the end of the tunnel… but more in direction of Piraeus (eastward)
First stop: refuelling the tanks with water and Coke

But the external heater was not to be found…

While the hope for nice weather was remaining when getting on the countryside:

First view of the lake marathon: a nice and cold view that cost several km detour… while there is no detour anymore: it is just finding a way. 

Lake Marathon is a barrage with one alternative lane direction
Marathon run head quarter
Didn’t found the right grammar… 😉
Would you need a new house??
Frozen… I needed to stop and get rested. After a much shorter distance. 

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