To Boppard / camping Sonneck – 67km

22 May

We had got the feedback that it would be better to cycle on the left side of the Rhine because it had better cycle lane. I would have had tempted by the right one since I had cycled the left one in 2013.

After some detour a bit further from the water…
We went back to the Rhine to see those massive ships
Happy to see the Turkey flag again 🙂
Majestic Rhine valley
Always nice to have nice view in front… and a wonderful subject to photograph <3
And castle…
…and castle…
…and castles…
…did I mention castle? We had a lunch near the water: cheap selfmade pizza for me and some meat for Bellona… well.. the pizzaolo was definitely not an Italian 😉
High loaded boat… some of them are green washing and pretending that their heavy oil engine are the best way to carry “the goods from our shops” around… 🙁
Similar tourist vessel as on the Danube
Can you spot the two parents and their three kids?
Placing the tent between little flours before sharing a very nice and not expensive pizza (yes, the pizzaolo was Italian! (-:)
Maybe someone can explain that to me?

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