Some hiking

9 Aug

While Covid19 is still around and prevents long travels in a way, green zone is still needed.

And there was something I was wanting to see in summer time πŸ™‚

Start of the hike…
Climbing up
Some chalet on the way up, luckily with water:-)
Not there yet..
But a first reward
Making one happy
Look at the glacier! :-)))
And the part continues
Supper view
Supper… πŸ˜‰
Night hotel
…with a view
5* hotel? Naaaah
Good morning sun!
Sucking the energy up!
And guess who you see in the faaaar background πŸ™‚
Direction of Jungfraujoch…. Here the place I wanted to reach.
Amazing life at over 2300m over sea
Some many others had fun too
Things that do NOT belong in nature
And 1000m downhill waiting to give me blisters

Thanks Nature!

Who thought I had followers? ;o)
And there is no temperature rise? Those babies are melting just like that and it’s a normal pace?

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