Mining…. and The Big Work…

13 Sep

We had discovered some humidity in the house and something needed to be done.

So after having diverted the roof water away from the drainage into the two 1000 litres tanks, the pavement needed to be redone: they were not flat anymore and allowing water to go close to the house.

I had remove the 7.5 tons (45m2) of stones, and had got the cool idea from a neighbour for that project: using asphalt instead of concrete and tiles.

So we let a construction company make a quote, and could go on. Just that by then, one of the rock had fallen. So I had to make small pieces of it, so the workers could use them to make a wall again. Since it was underground, I seriously got a (very) small taste of what it meant to mine… wow! My body was hurting… every evening of the four days it took me. Luckily the neighbour could lend me his bigger machine: which made it much easier!

First try was to make some cuts..
More dust then effectiveness
Then I tried with many holes… long drilling!
The machines were heavily used and getting so warm that the grease was flowing around (even though I used water to cool it!)
Slicing rebars to use them to split the stone.
First little little succes
When it starts to crack
And then fall
And making smaller part of the larger ones
And finally: all possible to be moved by hand.

But I was drained.

Next step was to cut some tiles to hide the drain cleaning pipes..
When you empty the dust from your clothes in the evening….
Testing if it fits….
The professionals are coming….
Layers of weak sand needed to be removed
Much faster with the machines… I never had thought it would be that faster!
The pro to the work…
And having rebuild the wall. Yessss!
Big helpers
Displaced gutter….
The professional machine, including cooling of the blade
Some part of the asphalt had cracks, so we removed it as well.

Little step…

The other pros are arriving…
…with 2.5h delay
But fast and really professional! Respect!
Little step..
And to have the rain to the gutter..


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