27th day: To Giurgiu; 122km, 300 climbing meters

9 Oct

We tried it: after two days of resting, we decide to give it a try as the weather forecast was favourable. And it was!

Tail wind, sunny weather but a bit cold. 

It was our first day in Romania. With some similarity and differences to Bulgaria. The most important one: you can read the letters and there is a latine basis that allow to guess 30% or even more. 

The country side we cycled through was as well very rurale. The main road a bit better than in Bulgaria, but many side road of the villages neither in concrete or asphalt. Just plain earth. 

It was very enjoyable day….

Change of stone: now they are light instead of dark/black

Green plains 
One of many playground for children. Seen in many villages 

Quite common vehicle at the gas station…
View over the Danube plain in direction of Bulgaria 
From Danube plain in direction of north:
Gras machine:
Living being in the street:
Village meeting:
Other street ground
Different type of houses…

Another park…and one of the most recurring signs: Farmacia/Drugstores 
Fortunately not finished. Unfortunately wrong built and not removed. 
Where the sand dunes are cut from the street with many snakes ending deadly on the road…

For the French speaker….bonjour! 😁

Side arm, very far from the Danube 

Another Orthodox Church…

Not all older buildings are falling apart:
Landscape….as far as you can see
hope for the future…

One of four bunker-like apartment houses 

Final destination:

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