To Gerzweiler /46km

29 May

What a most contradictory day… with quite stomachache

Well, we were kind of warned: it would be rainy today. After a loooong and huuuge breakfast, we started not to the north, but south west. We had got an art tip and I still wanted to see the mines.
And already after a few kilometres, we were greeted by a short but heavy rain including small hail. Luckily we found a place at a gas station
And as you know: after the rain, sunshine. Well.. at least some bit of blue am 🙂
And nice buildings
And then in lower flat Germany: one finds that…
Of course.,, maybe better than having 10’000 people to travel to the mountains. On the other hand: how about cycling? ;/)
So we arrived near the Raketenstation Hombroich (old rocket station that has been converted to an art museum/center where artist can be creative.
And luckily: free entrance today! :-))
With some parts that I even liked quite well, and I was happy: way too big to carry on the bike! Hihihi
From time the region was as well iron producer…
After another short rain at the museum Insel Hombroich where Bellona went alone for a walk, we headed the mines. Well… kind of trying.
And then you see something like that…
And get warnings that no one should trespassing and about video recording
For the sake of money (coal, electricity…) many villages has been moved away. Imagine your house is being destroyed because the state allows a company to make profit from what is below your house, grave yard, church…
And you see that gigantic hole..
With traces of machine “redoing” the soil
And even larger machines…
Interconnected with belt transportation
Until you get it: those aren’t the scavengers… they refill what was an even more gigantic hole. With the result of issue with ground water level , pH of the soil, pollution of ground water, dust in the air, and a remaining hole (the equivalent of the coal taken out) that might become a lake, with water pumped away from where it would be needed. And there as well pH issues (too acidic water)

We took the decision to stay there. The hit in the stomach took the power from the legs.
Still running… all night long.
Like big monsters.

Humans and their machines…

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