15th day: Valle Maira- Limone Piemonte

31 Jul

Wise decision…

The breakfast at Locanda Ceaglio was good as always…

And the first goal was set: colle d’Esischie, 15km away and 2370m oversea and then the Colle dei Morti (2515m).

The idea was then to follow one of the route I had from the Internet. Fortunately, yesterday evening, I had check for alternatives. And found one starting at the Colle Valcavera (2416m): the hiking path P12 leading down somewhere to the SP268 and Demonte. 

As the weather in the mountain was changing, I didn’t want to stay to long at that altitude and make some additional km in the rain. I decided for some adventure and shortcut. And it was a very good decision! 😎😀

The path was following the altitude line and yes, one have to be careful there. It is going somehow a bit down on the left side. 

Then some nice trails followed. Unfortunately, the fog was hiding the possible nice landscape (and where exactly to go). The Smart phone’s GPS and a map really help. 

I needed to refill some water and found some where the cows could drink. Taking some from the tube and filtering and I was all set 👍😀😁

The way leaded to an alpine farm from where I followed the virtual path in the green.  That was not the best idea: at the end, some small river where to be crossed while it was not the best ride. But anyway: FUN 🙂

Finally I joined back the street and followed it down to Demonte where I enjoyed ice cream and Cafè 🙂

After Demonte, the rain started… Always a bit then stopped and started again. In Borgo San Dalmazzo, I turned right towards Limone Piemonte – with a little mistake and some extra km 😇😇.

The Vermenagna Valley is not of a beauty: a lot of industry like concrete fabrication. 

In Venante, I enjoyed some Italian cookies and a cafè as “Tee-Time”, before heading towards  Limone Piemonte

Arriving there, the rain started again and a bit stronger. Just in time to find the friendly hotel Marguareis (55€ / night & breakfast).

Ready for good night!

Need a sign?   













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