19th day: on the way back, part 2/2

4 Aug

once again it was with 6h a short night, meaning 12h of sleep in 3 days… Beside some “thinking” the main reason was, that I knew that I had to start early: the weather forecast was predicting (if any) clouds and rain for the afternoon. 
I took some breakfast (coffee and croissants) in the next hotel and then tried to find my way up to the first intermediate station plan Torrette. It was the third time I was here today and I choose the more direct way up. But very steep. 
For me, there was no way to cycle here up so I pushed all the way up to about 90% of the Theodulpass. For the last 10%, I put the bike on shoulder, since there was a snow surface to cross. 
I arrived at the Theodulpass (3332m over see) with a group of three hikers from Spain who were doing one week of hiking. There were quite astonished to see a bike at that altitude and walking even a bit faster then them. Then after arriving, I enjoyed pasta for lunch 🙂
Soon after lunch, the wind started to blow a bit harder and more clouds showed up. I knew it was time either to take a bed or to leave. As I was in-time, I took the 2nd alternative: I was looking forward to take a bath. 
I walked 50m more up to join the summer ski slope (never walk on a glacier you don’t know – and believe you don’t know any!) and the fun started. I had changed my trousers and put the rain jacket. After 100m on the snow, I felt once because of weak snow (and less practice on snow) continued to trockener steg. 
Holy crap: if one still don’t believe in higher temperatures: I was there five years ago, but at least one month later in the year. Now the end of then glacier was at least 200m higher than then. (!!)
That time I wanted to take a shortcut towards Zermatt: I still had the clouds behind me and there was a small climbing toward Schwarzsee I wanted to avoid. 
I might have been faster – but the trails are less of fun. And there one bump I nearly missed – full breaking on dirt/stone at 45km/h is quite challenging! 😉
When I arrived the traditional “end of the trip ice cream” was to be taken… But clouds and especially rain started to catch me : I decide to take the train… I wanted a bath, not a shower!
Great vacation with lots of up’s and down’s… Looking forward for the next one!


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