Pimping Primus Lite+ Stove

30 May

two weeks ago, I bought the compact stove from Primus, the Lite+. 

It is “only” a gas stove, but very compact. Ideal for a few days ride. 

I haven’t compared it to others, it was the “only” choice I could have in my usual shop. 

And I like it very much.

You can loose easily three things:

1) the rode used to cook with a normal pot. So I’ve just made a rubber around it:  
2) quietness: when you put the gas canister into the pot, it will move around. I’m just using the heat reistent towel from the larger pot



3) heat: the heat exchanger is very efficient when heating. And when cooking is finished, it will as well efficiently cool your lunch, due to its higher surface. 

Here a proposition:


By the way: and of course you can use the rope to cook without touching the floor


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