MTB-Transalp vs backpack

14 May

Hi all,

May be my best tip… 😉
History: When one wants to cycle a few days by mountain bike, one of the question is: “where do I put my stuff?”
And by stuff I mean: trousers, t-shirts, towel, snacks, tools, rain or other protection, evtl. sleeping bag etc. Normally, you would like to avoid the use of a trailer, low rider and other bags (suspension, energy etc).

The main back-draws of using a backpack are:
a) all the weight is on your shoulders and on your bottom. After some hours or days you will badly feel it.
b) when cycling up, your back will be wet by transpiration. And you may then get cold on the top.

A solution: use a backpack with a hips belt : (click on the pictures for full view)
1) Put the backpack in front of your handle bar like that:

2) Take the hips/belly belt and twist it a few time around the stem – depending of the length of the belt:

 2a) check that when the fork is working, the bag do not touch the wheel:

 3) attache the upper part to the top tube with a cord or belt (may be with the “breast” belt):

4) Don’t forget to remove the bag when cycling down on a trail. It’s safer 😉

Done. Easy… 😉

Cool or not? Thanks for any feedbacks!


P.S.: Don’t forget to get first used to the extra weight on you handle bar. It is a little bit different and need  to get used to!

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