Tips for your bike setup

11 Jan

Hi there,
1. my first choice is especially for travelling the Speedhub Rohloff.

      • Advantage:
        • more stable rear hub (not asymmetrical mount of spoke)
        • less troubles
        • easy shifting
        • no noise due to chain 
        • chain is not (less) touching chain stay
        • much longer life of chain, hub and teeth 
      • Disadvantage: 
        • some more weight…less than 800g. Nothing in comparison to your body weight.
        • price
        • can have a little impact on the “kinetics” of you rear suspension (I don’t feel it).

    About the Rohloff:

      2. Have the correct ratio of gear:

      3. Trailer vs bags: see specific post!

      4. Tubeless:

      • Yes! Leaving Santiago, I had at least 5 punctures and thanks to the “milk”, I had no need to do anything! 
      • Be sure that your tire will not be hurt by the milk. New solution has been delivered by Stan’s: the liquid contains less Ammonia that dissolves the rubber.
      • Even riding tubeless, you will need tubes when the whole will be to large. Use them as spare parts for quick reparing. 
      • When the milk is not sealing anymore, you can use the same patches as for the tubes to repare the tire!

      That list will continuarly updated…
      any inputs are welcome!
      Cheers, G.

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