ZTR with tubeless schrader system

22 Jan

Hi lads and guys

Just replaced my standard presta tubeless valves from Notubes.com by the Schrader from Joe’s no-flats 
I made a larger hole, plugged the new valve and pumped it up. It was tight! 😉
The expected advantages:
1) still riding tubeless (no snake bite, better traction due to less pressure, no issues with glass & other unwanted stuff on the street)
2) in the case of troubles and I have to use a tube (e.g. tire is to damaged to seal): it is schrader and presta compatible. So if you go riding with no tubeless friends, only one kind of tubes is required…
Cool stuff and only 6 grams heavier than the presta no tubes!
Cheers, Georges

One Reply to “ZTR with tubeless schrader system”

  1. Just a short update: I've tried it as well with the ZTR-Flow rims and a pair of used Schwalbe's 2010-Rocket Ron. It worked when replacing the rim tape with a 2.1mm tape from notubes.com. One was with a compressor, the other with standard floor pump.Some tips:1) just place the tire nicely in the rim.2) wet the tire – it will seal a little bit faster.3) 2010's Rocket Ron are not tubeless ready. Therefore, it is important to first try without sealant (and w/o the valve). 4) follow the video on http://www.notubes.com/helpcenter/videopopup.php?id=5Enjoy it! 🙂

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