One cent per kilometer: 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014:

5 Jan
I’m starting to get used to spent some part of my vacation for small project. Not very easy to make it on a simple, on the other hand I prefer to do it simple and small than do nothing. One never knows. As in the last years, the amount will be spent for the Red Cross.
Due to the technical knock-out, the balance stopped at 1’100 CHF
Cheers, Georges

The idea to continue the journey to Germany grow already last year: why stop home? And the flood that affected thousands of people were a small reason enough to continue to spent some cents to the Red Cross. By reaching 1’650 CHF it was possible to improve last year’s score.
Cheers Georges

That year I decided to change in favour of the Red Cross as Italy was hurt by an earth quake and I read that the Red Cross was doing something to help people locally. I could not just cycling through a country where people needĀ help.
Every drop counts, every cent as well… Ending with the summ of 1’500 CHF is not bad at all.
Cheers Georges

Dear all
We all know: Our planet is our one and only home. It is beautiful and worth to protect it. I wanted to start my little project: cycling and collect funds to preserve our blue planet.
You can as well: motivate me for the extra mile/kilometer and spend one cent for each kilometre directly to WWF with the attached information.
Yes, we can do something. Every drop helps. Yours as well. And in the end, 3201 CHF were spent to the WWF.
With big thanks,

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