First ride with the Rohloff Stumpjumper 2010 with André in the Voges

23 Oct

After the nice four we had spent around the Mont-Blanc together, we had decided to ride again. Today was  a good day: André had day-off from working and I had my new bike that needed to be ridden.

As the weather was planned to be better after mid-day, we met in Basel at 10h. After a welcome coffee, we  loaded his bike (nice Liteville 301) in the car and started to the Voges/Vogesen.

Arrived in Thann, we started quite steeply up, like André’s special taste: Up and down the same way… on the trail! (I’m normally cycle up on the “road” and down on the trail).

We had lunch for in a small restaurant with (for me) the typical French hospitality I had experienced around the Mont-Blanc and with Franziska around the Jura: Oh, we don’t have a menu, “only” a soup… and when I pointed on the neighbors’ plate, they said: the menu is only on reservation. I’m still wondering that they don’t have any pasta, some sauce and hot water… but the soup was ok.

Afterwards, the road went up again… and we had a flowing trail… so cool! And the SJ (Stumpjumper, my Bike from Specialized) was reacting absolutely cool. *big smile*

The weather was stunning: windy, grey / dark grey clouds letting out some sun beams with very nice autumn colors. Typically “South-Wind-Weather” (Föhn)

Later in the afternoon, we had to decide to shorten the ride, as the top of the hill was 400m higher and we had no lights for the (so called wonderful) trail. The other was ok as well.

The last kilometers where on the road, just ok to calm down the muscles. At the end, we ate a some salad and quiche/cake with a nice dessert and then headed home.

The tour by garmin:

Last but not least: Many thanks again to André!! (when will he open his bike travel agency???)

Some pictures and cheers, Georges :-)))

André, my perfect guide! 🙂
from the first height: beside one of the war memorial 
A bike beside the ware memorial 
 View from the restaurant with the soup-menu
Looking toward the wind, just before the nice trails 
 same, without a bike
 stop in between the trees, before the best trail
  after the trail, little rest (after flat)

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