2010-09: Martigny-Courmayeur-Ville des Glaciers-Chamonix-Martigny

18 Sep
Monday, I decided to try another little trip: my first “real” Transalp by Mountain Bike. I had read that some guys had cycled around the Mont-Blanc in four days, following about the TMB-Track (Tour du Mont-Blanc) that lots of people take by foot.
So Tuesday I got up earlier as usual and took the train to Martiny… the same direction as Friday with Dino, when I went again around the Matterhorn (see other blog).
While sitting and snoozing in the train, I did not really realize that André was sitting in the same wagon. André had the same in mind: cycling around the highest Mountain of the Alps by mountain bike. So we started some “usual” cycler’s small talk… ah, nice bike…happy? where are you going… oh, as well around the Mont-Blanc?
André was better prepared: he had a map, while I had only copied the information from the link above. But we decided to give it a try and started to trip together. We stayed the four days together: he motivated me to be a bit faster… and my contribution was 1) to give him enough breaks (he is incredibility fast and powerful uphill: cycling over 50%) and 2) motivate him to go up despite the unsure result (2nd day: col des Fours / Refuge du Bonhomme) or the bad weather (last day: col de Balme)
So, even it was quite hard with a lot of “pushing the bike”, we finally did it and had coooool downhill trails!

Tuesday: cloudy with some blue sky
Wednesday: greeeaat
Thursday: starting with some fog, then blue sky and in the evening rain again
Friday: in the morning windy and foggy (early some rain), then cloudy and partially sunny.

– good brakes are needed!
– the refuges “Vielle Maison” & “Col du Bonhomme” are closing that week (and it is better to have a silk sleeping bag)
-I had a bad experience (little crash) when going down in the fun park from Col de Vosaz: rain + fun park = mud! 😉
-cool to have met André
-Alp trails are very funny!
-172km and 7800 positive meters
Cheers, Georges


First day: 

2nd day: 

3rd day:

Day 4: 

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