End of 4th day: to Waldshut and some jogging

30 Sep

Today was much of a contrast to yesterday: more tail wind and quite some blue sky. 

The wake up was a bit cold as the location was stil below the clouds while more to the west sunlight was reaching the villages. So after a warm up tea I headed up the sunlight and was looking forward warming myself up. 

In Romanshorn, I was told of a quite nice restaurant near the lake. Good choice for breakfast with two pies and coffee.  lekker 😉

The Rest of the Journey was quite nice. Someone often pushing me towards the next kilometre. I had lunch in Konstanz, a drink in Schaffhausen… And arrived at Waldshut after 118km of easy cycling. To easy and I had to continue the pace: so I changed the shoes and went for a 5km jogging…

Now everything is quite nice and quite after a Thai curry in that Chinese Hotel and restaurant….


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