12th day: to Štúrovo, 158km, 200 climbing meters

19 Sep

What a day….
We started quite easy going with buying some water for the morning and tried to head out of Bratislava following the direction of the Danube. Because the harbour can’t be cycled, some detours need to be done. 

But then we found the way and had long Kilometers of tail wind.. yes!

The Danube starts then to get larger and larger, nearly like a lake and we were cycling on his left (or north) dam. 

It was so nice that we even forgot the usual coffee break. May be as well because of the monoton straight roads 

At the end of the lake after round 45km, the lake ends with the highest sluice (écluse/Schleuse) seen up to now on the Danube. 

After another 10-20km we found a place for lunch and had to get back into civilisation away from the Danube dam. There one could really see the difference to Bratislava and of course Austria. 

The journey continued until the dam road changed from Bistum to dirt or stone road. My tyres and the weight on the front/back wheels made it possible to cycle on it (but we less efficiency) while it was much more difficult for Heinz. 

So we left the dam to go back to the road heading out camping spot according to Heinz’s map.  It heading as well into dark clouds and lightning. 

The bad side of the day: his MPs was erroneous because it was not a camp ground but a different hotels and apartment complexes etc. The only open hotel was overbooked and they didn’t let us set up the tent nearby. They couldn’t find a solution, even after ring some different places. 

So at the end of the day, we landed in Štúrovo in Pension, went out to eat something and now ready for some resting. 

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  1. Wir hatten die Möglichkeit… Heinz hat sie ergriffen: war wunderbar. Ich hatte eine Erinnerung an einem 31.Juli im Bündnerland wo es nicht ganz toll war…darum hab ich mich beim Zeltaufstellen mit den Mücken geschlagen… 😉

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