16th day: three countries day to Sombor: 131km, 159 climbing metres

24 Sep

The hotel we arrived had even breakfast so we could start better than the day before: with full stomach. 

After a few km on the dam and in Hungary, we crossed the border to Croatia  with later on one of the steeper ramp (80m) to climb since longer. 

We misunderstood a sign that led us back to the Hungarian-Croatian Border (where the Police was already waiting) and made us cycle some extra 10km. 

A bit later, we crossed the Danube and a new border: the Croatian Serbian one. 

We decide to have lunch along the alternative, low frequent road which became that to a dirt road. 

Later one, we joined back the Route 6 and arrived later in Sombor. I decided to make some extra km to send some picture of a village to a friend…
Ready for the bed after a good ice cream…

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