6th day: to Staubing; 87km, 180 climbing metres

11 Sep

The day started as it ended: by mosquito bites…. Soon after breakfast and packing the stuff together, we followed again the river – today with less tail wind than yesterday. We still are in September and temperature did rise the 30°C mark on my cycling computer. Quite astonishing! 
When we arrived first in Regensburg, I realised for the first time that the Danube was flowing more to the north than Munich! Shame on me….

After a small and expensive coffee near the Dome, we continued the way in direction of Wörth an der Donau (similarly to Donauwörth two days before).

From north, cumulonimbus clouds were appearing over the small hills. And I had still in mind the women saying a few days ago, Sunday would be less nice and even may be rainy. But it was four days ago and some hundreds km away…

So we arrived at Staubing and put the tent at the most expensive camping ground for now: more than twice the price than in Donauwörth!

But we wanted to wash some clothes… And the tumbler didn’t do its job quite well. Hoping now, that all will dry over night!

Ready for good night!



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