2010-09-25: Moosseedorf-Hausen AG

18 Sep
Finally my last vacation trip with Fränzi for that year has begun, as I will be back to work soon.
The last Tandem vacation where always with the trailer. That time I wanted to try if it is possible to be cycle one week without it. And I never had believed it would be possible to have only have one side bag (Ortlieb’s) per person! :-))
So we started with slightly rain toward Hausen… First stop in Solothurn to have some Lunch than in Olten for a nice Coffea and two other breaks in between. We finally arrived at 16h30 and searched for fondue cheese and bread to bring to Marianne, where we were happy to have a hot shower and be able to clean our clothes.Here where we cycled through

Cheers, Georges

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