2010-09-29: Zillisheim – Clerval, Besançon by train

30 Sep

When we started today morning we saw that we would do a lot km again…
So following the Canal Rhin-Rhône, we started to count the numbers of sluice or watergate (écluses, Schleusen) that were decreasing.

On the way, we met Joseph from England: he was pedalling from the East back to the Channel and rising funds. Unfortunately, he had no information on paper to share.

Finally, at Clerval we had already over 80km in our legs (and bottom) and decided to take the train to Besançon: we needed to have a day-off and it would be better in a larger city.

We were lucky to find a good room knowing that there was a larger meeting in town. After the shower/bath, we went out for a good pizza!

The Garmin information:
Cheers, Georges

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