2010-10-02: Montchauvron-Bourg en Bresse

3 Oct

When we ate breakfast at the hotel, we asked about the street. Fränzi was happy to hear that it would be flat… I was expecting the same as in Chile: flat for people driving in cars is never flat for cyclist! 😉

So there was a lot of small up and downs, just enough to have at the end over 500 pos meter and 85km that felt much more due the wind we had to bike against.

In the evening, we did look for a hotel and needed to get information from the SNCF: we had a “problem”. It was not allowed to bring bike (and don’t ask for a tandem) in the TGV… and two other solutions were either in combination with a bus or double as long. But the information was quite positive: we could uses the train the next day to get home…


Cheers, Georges

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