2010-10-03: Bourg-en-Bresse – Home & Summary

18 Oct

As the day “only” train we could take (to have some backup if something would not work correctly with the SNCF) was quite early, we were not really able to enjoy the market in Bourg-en-Bresse.

And after about 4 hours of train, we finally arrived at home.

And last but not least some statistics:

6 Activities
502.51 km
Elevation Gain:
2,804 m
26:38:49 h:m:s
20,076 C
Avg HR:
130 bpm
Max HR:
178 bpm
Avg Bike Cadence:
Avg Distance:
83.75 km
Max Distance:
90.25 km
Avg Speed:
18.9 km/h
Max Speed:
58.0 km/h
Avg Elevation Gain:
467 m
Max Elevation Gain:
713 m
Avg Time:
04:26:28 h:m:s
Max Time:
06:16:44 h:m:s
Cheers, Georges

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