2011-07-27 Summary: big THANKs for the WWF

27 Jul

Dear all,

some weeks passed since the last news from the project “every drops count for the WWF”.
Here now the amount that has been address directly to the WWF:

Sub-total:  2’366.00 CHF… but there is more!

As I wrote in my blog, I’ve saved some hundreds Australian Dollars which I’m doubling to 835 CHF to get the nice final number (July 27 2011) of…

3’201.00 CHF (or 1 CHF per km)

Again, I would like to thank everyone. There was no big or small donation, ALL were GREAT.

Two special thanks:
1) Brechbühler AG for the part time, the possibility of taking such a long break and the >33cents per km
2) the “unknown” who spent 835 CHF. PLEASE contact me – I would like to thank you as well.*

Thanks, thanks, thanks… you are ALL great!


*P.S: I ‘ve got from the WWF only the “entries” of the donation. No name were told due to protection of personal data.


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