Saturday, 9th of April: Naryilco – Noccundra (120km)

9 Apr

The last day was quite hard – today would be worse.

The first 15 kilometers were again sand and I had to push once again (just 30m). And the wind was again blowing from north. Then the underground switched to stones for 30km which were not very comfortable and always hopung that tires, the frame and the fork would hold all that hard treatment. Two trucks by-passed me with each three trailers full of “cows or beef”… Those over 50 meter long trucks are very impressive and you always have to check, on which said of the wind you are driving, if you want to keep your lungs “fit” for the next kilometers.
When the road finally got “better” (still dirt road), there were as well more trucks and cars as in the morning. The temperature was at about 32 to 34°C and the sun burning hot. The positive aspect of the “front wind”: it was cooling down… My water was starting to get empty: the 2 liters of Coke and 3.5 of the 4 bottles were empty. As I didn’t want to touch the “reserve” (I didn’t know the “future of the road”), I asked I car driver for some and about the way to go to Noccundra. About 30 to 40km with some sandy part in between. The good news: the sandy parts were just some 5 meter long and could be cycled around. In fact, the road was nearly four lanes, but only two used. The bad news:  about 30km of dirt road, then 5km of sealed road, again 5km of dirt road and then 10 long kilometers of sealed road until I arrived at Noccundra after 120km.
About 5-8 truck driver were surprised to see me arriving as most and by-passed me during the day. I had  little chat and drunk a lot (orange jus and coke) to fill up with first energy. Then, after a good shower I could eat with them (in the kichten of the “hotel”). Some later, I was glad to get finally to bed, even if it seems that some little bugs were as well sleeping there.

Cheers, Georges

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