Tuesday, 12th of April: to Windorah (115km)

12 Apr

After the nice sleep in the middle of “no-where”, I as usually had some breakfast and packed everything together.

I went back on the road with the some bad feeling: my legs had no power… my bottom was feeling not well as well.
The road was quite easy: some up and down, all on sealed road with wind that helped a little. Some meters of the road were flooded but nothing very spectulary. I had a break of one hour after 60km… and nearly slept through. The dream was to nice… and I didn’t want to wake up.
But on the other hand: Windorah and its “free-day” was waiting for me. So I pushed again in the pedals… and arrived at the coopers Creek: quite impressive now that the water has gone it remains a deep emptyness of about 10 meter.
Just before arriving in Windorah, there was the 5 solar mirror to produce electricity… coool stuff!

In Windorah, I went directly to the information to call Mark – the policeman from Eromanga- and tell him that everything is fine. I went then to the camp ground, put the tent and went back to a pub to have dinner.
I was happy then to be in bed and sleeping…

good night

The day in numbers:

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