Tuesday, 29th of March: Axeldale – Echuca

30 Mar
I first woke up at 4h30… jet-lagged. So after some checks on the internet, I went as sleep again, waking up very late: 10h30! 🙂

So the day would be short… I took the B75 to the north… watching at some bush fires some kilometers away.
Having some stops for lunch and drinks… and ending up in Educha after again 85 km and some 100 of pos. meters. As I needed a shave, I wanted to stay in hotel… all over my budget. Finally, I landed at the Shamrock Hotel / Irish pub, where I could have a very fair deal. THANK YOU very much! 🙂 
Beside very friendly people and a good meal, the room was clean and not to noisy. They told me, on Friday/Saturday it wouldn’t be possible to sleep… I was lucky.
(www.shamrockhotel.com.au / 579 High Street, Echuca 3564 / 03 5482 1036)
Their wine shop (where my bike slept over night) was quite impressive… luckily, I didn’t have to sleep there – some bottle would be empty (?) and the bike was driving straigh the next day. 😉
Cheers, Georges

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