Friday, 05.03.2010: byebye Ollagüe vs no Internet more

5 Mar
Today morning I am packing the bicycle again since 8 days once again. Yesterday evening, I heard in the news about the 6.3 earthquake (or seisme as they tell here) about 180km south of Ollagüe. Here, I did not feel any vibrations and everything is fine.
I have added some pictures from Ollagüe, where you see that the municipalid tries to do something for the pueblo with the help of the governement. Spending a lot of money just to cover the “old” play ground with such a culture object is questionable in my eyes. In the evening when the wind starts to be stronger, you get the feeling to be in Australia with a group of aborignes playing digereedoo… The tubes on the roof are “doing” the music.
When you want to cross the train path, read and don’t look the picture. It is allowed to pass…not the same meaning as in Switzerland! 😉
Well, it is now time to leave that pueblo and go for the mountains and some altitude training-if possible. From what I have heard, I will get some coverage more in the north, but no internet… So you will have to be patient for a while.

Take care and read you soon, hopefully!


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