Friday, 12.02.2010: relax and driving.

12 Feb

Friday was for me the relaxing day: Rocket Geronimo had not seen the Chucicamata mine and we wanted to see the church of Chiu Chiu which was on the way back to El Tatio, where we wanted to camp. So we arrived at Calama and had time for some buying (food for the next days). Than Gérard went to the tour and I relaxed in the car.
Chiu Chiu is very nice and I'm happy that I can shortcut that part when heading north.
The road to El Tatio is quite long, and Gérard showed agains excellent offroad driving skills.
So we arrived finally at El Tatio, paid the entrance fee and headed towards the so called swimming pool (where in the morning over 20 people are cooking around). The plan was clear: salad and main course in the car, dessert in the pool and then good night in the tent.
Well…the temperatur of the pool has some variations. And in combination with the very fresh air, you get between boiling (ouch) and cold (brrrrr)… Not so relaxing as we were thinking! see the pictures! But we had fun! And as we could not relaxe, the dessert was delayed to our warm sleping bags

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  1. 1st the uncomfortable but funny bath, and then stuffing a piece of peach into my mouth so big i could barely chew it, i had to laugh (and be careful not to spill it over my sleeping bag) until my belly started to burn—hadn´t laughed that much for a long time! thanks, power-schösche 🙂

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