Monday, 08.03.2010: Rest and cycling

8 Mar
After the longer walk from yesterday I wanted to give some rest to my body (legs, lung and feets) as there was not used to such a day. And waanted hust to enjoy the view of the mountains, checking some parts of the equipment and be lazy. In the afternoon, I started with the bike as I wanted to get used again to cycle without the trailer: I had felt San Pedro de Atacama that it is different. And I wanted to see the other intermediate station at around 5300m altitude.
When I finally left, some clouds were already approaching, knowing that in the morning the sky was just blue.
When I arrived at my goal,a few snowflake felt and the wind blew much more. I took some pictures (with the digicam) and it was time to go back. So I took the road toward the station I was yesterday, as I wanted to surf on bigger sand, like on the Etna with Dino. Just to short…but it was fun!
Arriving at the basecamp, the weather changed between nice, cloudy and windy. It was not a weather to stay outside so I prepared everything for tomorrow.
Lets cook something and go earlier to bed, as the alarm clock will ring at 6h25 in the morning.

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