Saturday, 02.01.2010: cool down…

2 Jan
After yesterday’s long trip against the wind, I decided to stop after 40km in Copiapó as there are some stuff to see and to give a rest to my right knee: some pain behind the rotula. Any hinzs are welcome…;-)

When I stood up I had the first surprise: I slept two hours longer as it was not so bright as usual in the morning. The reason was my second surprise: it was cloudy / foggy and the tent was wet due a kind of very small rain.

First thing to do in the hotel was some washing and a shower.

After some walk in the city (and two icecreams) I just enjpoyed the time…

Ready for goodnight!

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  1. Hallo mein Freund,
    es freut mich dass Du so vieeeel erlebst.
    Machweitwer sound komm ja nicht früher heim als geplant !
    Gruss aus meiner Küche
    Dino (… der gerade von den Skiferien zurück ist)

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