Saturday, 13.03.2010: Salar de Huasco

13 Mar
Today was not really productive in terms of kilometers. After short night and quite long ride (55km with a long pent) my body was tired and the sand on some parts did not help.
After only 12km I passed by a house which I learnt hold as well a hostal. The breakfast was only two hours ago, but I was hungry again. So I asked… And could get a cazuela (soup) with fine bread and silantro…hmmm.
In the afternoon I continued facing the sand and the 200m uphill to the bifurcation between Lirima and Cancosa. I took to the left to Lirima and arrived at Colacagua….where there is an hostal, hold by an indigenos.
And I could have supper: a soup….followed by rice with Llama meat. Very very fine!

Now I am ready to sleep…if just the kids would stop to cry!

Gud n8 (?)


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