Saturday, 15.05.2010: Invitation for all readers!

15 May
Dear all,
now that I have reach main target behind me, it is already time to think a little bit ahead: I will have to come back!
Saturday, 15th of May 2010 I organize an “apéro” with drinks and small stuff to eat to celebrate the reaching of my target and my returning.
Time: from 14h00 until…step in and leave whenever you want!
Everyone (family, friend, “customers” colleague and even foes) is invited, please just send me an email if you can/want come or not for those who do not know already my private email address, please use the following one:
*not valid anymore*

For those a little bit more far away or who can’t come, it would be a pleasure to get some lines about what you enjoyed in the blog or how it could be improved.

My favorite day: 2010 March 09…. (where the picture has been taken)
I’m looking forward for your answers!

In the meanwhile, read other more recent post in the archive (until the end of my bike trip in south america)
 Take care, Georges

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