Sunday, 10.01.2010: Paris Dakar…

10 Jan
Before leaving Taltal I passed at Anitas’ house to say goodbye. As the last days she was smiling…

The road in direction of Antofagasta I had chosen is following the cost and brand new. From Taltal to Paposo it is abut 50km and 300m positive meter…just by following the road.and that was just the first part. The days before, I had heard a lor about the rallye Paris-Dakar that is hold in Argentinia and Chile. Their road is normaly not crossed with the one of a bicycle due to the sand in which it is “not possible” to cycle.

Well, I guess I crossed something between 50 and 70 cars, trucks and motorcycles. All from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland…for a while a nearly felt in Europe! 😉

Did they pass that way to see a cyclist with a trailer?? 😉

Arrived at Paposo I bought something for lunch and enjoyed a break…la siesta!

The road changes after lunch radically: the next 14km were constant a 8-10% ramp. Fortunately, I had a little fan club giving me some power back! 🙂

As the sun was slowly down, I had to look for a resting place. But the road was at the bottom of a narrow valley with no real place to sleep At a road construction I had a little rest and a conversation with the guy regulating the traffic. Poor one…he had to stay all night there. But he was so friendly: he saw two of my empty bottles and asked me, if he sould refill them from the water tank. On top of it, he spent me one of his Sprite…I just needed sugar at that point.

Two kilometers later, I found a place to set the tent, without beeing to much in sight of the road. The sky was just beautiful again.

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