Thursday, 11.03.2010: Shower…

11 Mar
Todays goal was easy: joining the station from the cabiñeros, as I had heard that I was only 20 minutes away – by car. So after breakfast, drying the sleeping back and the other stuff from every morning I left towards the north.
I finally arrived at the entrance of the mine and the police station. As two trucks with each a gigantic part of a 330 ton mud transporter were there, I needed to go for a picture. The parts were brought to Iquique for reparation.
When I arrived at the cabiñeros, Prudencio started the discussion and invited me 5 minutes later for the cazuela…the soup! Of course with bread and fresh ajii, the traditional hot stuff.
Not only the cellphone delivered some messages, they had as well internet: just a computer, no Wifi unfortunately. After a while I asked if there were a hostal or a possibility to take a shower, which was possible in one of their private shower. Hot water felt really good – not like the pseudo warm water from Ollagüe!
So finally, I could even wash my clothes in their laundry and dry them in the tumbler. I learnt from the TV about the 3rd earthquake in less than two weeks and discussed with Prudencio about my trip.
As I was allowed to sleep in one of the archive, I was as well invited for supper and helped what I could. Then, the officer Sergio with other cabiñeros arrived just in time to eat to whom I told my Aucanquilcha experience. After supper, one came with the idea to play a round of poker…I was allowed to drink a glas wine – I had to celebrate my success – while the others ate my last Toblerone I had spent as a thank you for all.
Finally, it is 3h30 in the morning…I need to sleep!
It was one of the best evening/night in Chile….:.-)))

Take care….Georges

PS: I was not the winner…you know what once say: no luck in games, luck in amor… And so it is!:-))

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