Thursday, 25.02.2010: Part two…hahahahahaha!

25 Feb
….then I looked down and saw a strange dark line near the seat post. Hmmm what’s that? I had to stop and looked closer and started to laugh: the frame has a little fracture! My logic told me to lower the saddle to reduce the lever on the crack. We will see what the constructor of the bike says.
When arriving in Ollagüe I saw the Cerro Ollagüe and Aucanchilla covered by snow…that was not the best news forthe next day. The first I was then looking for was a restaurant. The first two didn’t want to get money, the third was closed and finally the fourth was open..and get the best spaghetti (with the normal meat) since long. I decided to take a room for the next day(s), take a shower and go to the internet. Now, I need 2little bottles of gas and a decision for the bike. Outside, the weather is windy and cold, snow is on the mountains. It was so nice to hear the voice of my beloved one…

Good night…

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