Tuesday, 16.02.2010: Valle de la Luna

16 Feb

Today I had the valle de la luna on my target as I wanted to see it before leaving definitively San Pedro.
The Valle is a geologic speciality in the west of San Pedro. It is quite desertic and gets special colours in the evening. Years ago, people were extracting salt from there, but it has become no more interesting.
I drove by bicycle to get again some training, paid the 4 USD entrance fee and went to the canyon made by water over the year. As I knew that it was goin g to be late and dark, I had my Lupine in the bag. Luckily as some parts of it are very dark because more tunel than canyon. Arrived there, I had to grab the light out and heard that a couple of 50s were arriving. As I didn’t know if they had some light, I proposed them to be their guide…or guiding light. Well, we sticked together…Mike and Karen are from Canada and we had a ice conversation.
Back at the beginning, our ways went apart as I am (not yet) as fast as a car…;-)
I continued the journey with differnent views of dune, salty parts and other. When regressing from the end of the park a make a side step towards a ancient salt mine, where you saw large salt cristalls cracking because the sun was going done. That gave a temperatur difference with some louds. Special when you are between two walls of three meters and imagine it could felt together.
It was time to go back to the dune were everyone (incl.me) wants to see the sunset… Not sooooo spectacular!
When I than drove back, the fun part started: wind was from behind, a littlle pent in my favour. The three young people I passed were like standing still… Seems that my form was quite good!
On the way back, I took some meat from the carneceria and cook something to eat for dinner….

Gud n8

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