Wednesday, 17.03.10: resting and nice company!

17 Mar
I sarted the day with cold müesli, as I didn’t want to start the oven in the tent. Then I finally got up and looked around Of course, the most interesting was to see how warm the therms were. Well, not hot…and sure not enough for me to get in. First because of the temperature, then the wind and finally because I would to lay in the river as the installation that was once placed is broken.
So I went back to the tent, cooked some rice (yes, there wer gas even the small leak) and rested.
In the afternoon arrived a jeep with french plates: Annabelle, Lise, Leïa and Jan. A family travelling for about 10 months (incl. each one month to crossover the atlantic by cargo) who started in Buonas Aires, goes up to Peru and back to Buonas Aires. So we talk a lot, ate a bit and had my last chocolate and coffea..the real one! 🙂
In the later afternoon it started to be cool and they decided to leave toward the salar de Surire and its therm… Where I wanted to be my tomorrow.

So if the weather allows it, we will meet again..hopefully, as it was an enjoying day. Now, I’m eating a little bit again…and some drops are falling. I hope the tent will be fast dry to leave early!

Gud n8

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