Wednesday, 24.02.2010: lasy…and lucky

24 Feb

Today was set as a lazy day, as I had to recover from the last one. The plan was easy: cycling to Ascotan, find a restaurant, charge the main battery and call home.
The view on volcan San Pedro showed some active part. Nice to know that I slept at its foot. The road continued to climb, but not so much. Then appeared the Sulfur Mountains: yellow white and smelling like sulfur….
When I arrived at the control station of the Cabiñeros, I understood clearly that everyone had to stop there
After a general short talk (where from, where to, etc) I neede some information about Ascotan. Well, there is a restaurant, but there is no electricity and only cell phone coverage and internet only in Ollagüe. The Cabiñeros offered me to charge my battery…and continued with soup and juice. During the discussion, I understood that there was nothing in Ascotan. I was a welcome guest, I was even allowed to take a shower and wash my clothes. The decision was easy and right: after about 30minutes, it begun to rain. My first bolivian rain!
So I spent time with Luis and relaxed at the cheminee fire…
If only Franziska could be here…
Hopefully, they won’t be much train in the night, as everything is moving around when they pass…
Let’s check how the bed is: I will have to use my sleeping bag.

Gud n8

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