Finally.. Cuba input

7 Apr

…. I ‘m starting to write the “older” experience by bike. (2008-03-22 – 2008-04-07)

After some bike vacation in Europe, I decided to try something new and booked a “all inclusive” arrangement in Cuba / Varadero. Voyaging by Edelweiss Air was really easy: the best experience ever with sending the bike. Just some pipe insulation as protection for the carbon frame and it was done.

I arrived at the Varadero airport and was happy that my bike was able to be taken on board of the bus to the hotel (20km). Quite special: Varadero is a half-island which has people control at its entrance. Just locals are controlled. I put everything into the room, locked the bike and went eating.

The next day, I put the bike together and went for a first, short ride in direction of the end of the island. A local Cuban was the touristic responsible. He was speaking perfectly German, as he had studied physics in former East-Germany. Cuba had not changed as Germany had. As he was in touch with tourist, he had a car and a cell phone. Something that 99% of Cuban can only dream of.

The second day, I went to another ride, outside of the touristic half-island.
I came back for the dinner. Meat was ok… but not more than 3*.

The third day I packed my stuff and went to reception for check-out. They were very surprised, but signed everything. The tourist responsible arranged me two nights in a 4* hotel near Holguin as compensation. Coooool! 🙂

And then I left…

Here the summary of the days:

0) Vadero half island
1) Vadero-Cantel-Camrioca-Vadero
2) Vadero-CĂ rdenas-Jovellanos-JagĂĽey Grande-Playa Larga-Playa Giron
3) Playa Giron-Bermejas-Horquitas-Rodas-Limones-Cienfuegos
4) Cienfuegos-San Antòn-San Francisco-Trinidad-La Boce
5) day off (by bus to Trinidad and Ancon (Rhum!))
6) La Boce-Trinidad-La GĂĽira-Sancti Spiritus
7) Bus: Sancti Spiritus – Santiago de CubĂ 
8) Around Santiago de CubĂ  (by bike)
9) Santiago de Cuba-Melgarejo-El Cobre-Palma Soriano-Julie Anotioa Mella (MIranda)-Pinalito-Mercura-Loma de la Mensura-Pinares de Mayarì-Mayari
10) Mayari-Santa Isabel de Nipe-Herrera-Deleite-Playa Guardalvoc-Santa Lucia-Playa Blanca
11-12) cleaning, resting, preparing for flight.

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