Half of the day…

17 Jun

Today morning started nice with breakfast at Nicole&Dinos place… and soon, André arrived and gave me moral assistance for the first 46km 🙂

We followed the Rhine until Fessenheim where we ate lunch at McDonalds 5star kitchen. I was just to hungry and thirsty for any extra mile. The temperature had risen to the 30ies, and I’m yet not used to it .

fortunately , André wanted to test my long ride… Which gave me the opportunity to save some power for 10km ;-). Latest then, André understood why my cruise speed was more in the 20ies then 30ies 🙂

After some more km, I decided to have lunch rest. The day will be long enough and yesterday was not as easy as it would have been with some more training or better : some training at all! 😉

Location:Breisach am Rhein,Germany

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