Short night….

7 Jul

Last night was short, don’t ask me why. May because first the air con was to loud, and then it was to warm(especially with a Nordic duvet).
In the end I found some sleep after just having the lining.
First thing to do was to find some thing to eat: I was not agreeing to pay 18€ just for a breakfast that in other places cost 5-10 bugs.
So in the end, I finished near Düsseldorf ‘s Kö (Königsallee) and ate some thing.

The issue since yesterday is that you have more or less one city beside the other and hundreds of streets. Not that easy to find the best/easier way to the south – especially if you are not a car.
And then, you “should” always use the cycle lanes… Which is certainly ok if you travel just round the corner with a standard bike. By having 50-70kg plus myself to accelerate each crossing, your muscles get quite fast tired!
Later one I met one guy on a road bike… He showed me that he is faster. Who had questioned that? (Yes, we are men….sorry for that)
Well and then after some while I joined him… We came in discussion and cycled together until Köln. His way was just 5-10km longer and and his pace (especially acceleration) was quite fast.

Now I’m having a short rest in Bonn…. We will see how far today the journey will be..

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