Through Hamburg

28 Jun

The day started with some rain…

I think most cyclist don’t like really big cities… And Hamburg has something on top: you need bridges, and not all are cycling compatible…
Anyway, I managed to find the first one… And had to make an additional round of about 5km because I didn’t want to use the sub-stairs to under cross the railway) to steep, to wet, to tired, to risky).
And I had to cross a second part of the haven…that’s when I remembered the lift below the river. Just cool: you go in (car, bike, bicycle..) get down, move below the surface to the other side and take another lift up.
That’s where I met Axel who explained how to get down with the long vehicle: same as with a car. He was cycling home and interested in my construction, so we talk a little bit. He showed me the way the the north and then left me. As I had to fill up some energy (may be more psychological then calorific one) I had a whooper and some rest. When I finally went back on the street, I met Axel again few blocks further. ­čśë

The way out of Hamburg is still not easy, so I have to check and recheck the way now and then, which cost some mental energy. I just feel not on top today.

Of course, the funny name of some street or villages are always lifting the moral.

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