Cool day, part I

14 Aug
Yesterday ended with a nice sunset… And the morning was just beautiful. 
After breakfast and packing, I said goodbye to the two Swiss cyclists and went for some last purchase: cookies & coffee. 
Then the direction was set: east. But today the wind had changed. Anyway, I took the same road as yesterday when I was walking to the hot sources. Interestingly, the colour of the lake was more milk blue than then day before. The road steepness increased to 10%, and the view was very nice.
After the next hill /around the mountain, the field with the fumaroles came to sight. 
Of course, the memories of Chile (San Pedro de Atacama) were very present!
Any way… Hot stuff!! It is said hat the mud is between 80 and 100C… I believe even higher. 
The road continued then to the east with a small head and side wind. 


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