Leaving Myvatn, the second time

20 Aug
Yesterday was my resting day… So beside making a decision about the rest of the tour, nothing really happened: I found a way to get back by super-Jeep driven by the kind Jorgen, so the south and eastern part of Iceland will be for the next time. Arrived at the camping (the one a little outside in direction south, as the last one was to loud and not really friendly), I met Neri from Australia cycling as well Iceland… What a change must that be, when I remember my cycling down under….
So today morning I could say goodbye to all, as well to my first ever met Twike in Iceland (and may be as well the only one ever been here?).
Then I cycled direction south and had a short look at the touristic attraction. It was not my day… I could not get in the mood and the connection to the trailer was making noise…
At the south of Myvatn, I found another “ground backery” where the smoke any kind of food (fish, lamb…). After I had bought the delicious local bread from Myvatn (bread that is baked for around 20h in to the volcanic hot ground near the sulphur fields), I bought some smoked fish.
While trying to fix the noise of my bike, the Spanish speaking driver of a bus was starting to clean his bus and found it funny to splash some water towards me and my phone. Without the phone and in a hot summer day, I wouldn’t have say something… And on top of it, he did not feel as if he could excuse himself…
Anyway, I arrived at the place where last week I came from and had to cycle about 5km uphill with headwind on the same road.
But then I could take the road to the south… With tail wind.
After about 20km, I had a beautiful view on Askja and the biggest glacier of Iceland.. And had to do some offroad cycling in the gras to avoid a section under water.
The landscape was just beautiful! And with tailwind it is always better 😉
And then I met the two hikers again: Jeff and Chrjs were walking on the road to the north… We had a rest together, so they could try the smoked salmon and the “under ground bread” and I gave them some water.
And then the road continued to the north, with head wind… But I needed to cross the river with the only bridge which was 10km in the north.
And then the tail wind was there again… 🙂
Finally I found a remote place enough to place the tent… And after pasta, I’m ready for goodnight 😉
And the rain is back…

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