Positive and negative… With technical knock-out

21 Aug
Yesterday has been a day of everything. 
First waking up with rain outside (it was announced less rain starting at 9am), I waited until the weather changed a bit. Then I continued the F26 to the south, climbing meter after meter: the Aldeyiarfoss was quite for a glance. 
The weather was getting better and the wind was in my favour. But the climbing was up to 15%. And it was ok, as in total I gained up to 500m (to 820m), with some speedy downhill in between. 
When looking back, often the rain was like some 100m to km behind me, sometimes even touching me a little bit. 
The temperature dropped to 5-8 degrees C and the speed uphill was around 5-9 km/h. I could cycle everything, but here and there I chose to walk/push the bike to use other muscles. 
The road was quite nice with a lot of views to the Vatnajökull, Europes largest glacier. 
I had to stop once to refill some air in the rear damper, I think because of the colder air as when I had fill it. 
And then on quite flat part and with a car behind me, it happened: trailer broken. Trailer 0, Nicolai-Bike 1
The car behind me could just stop and was kindly to take my trailer to next hut. Thanks to Günther and his girlfriend from Austria!
May be I did here a dangerous mistake by separating myself from my tent, sleeping bag, stove etc , even taking some food and warm cloths in my rucksack. Especially because I did not check the exact kilometres needed, which later I found to be around 67km, while I already had 30km done. And it was around 16h late in the afternoon. 
So I continued to cycling having now one goal: reaching my stuff to be able to sleep. The weather got worse. Raining and temperature going down to zero degree. 
Of course it was fun to cycle without a trailer with such a nice bike. But the fear  or better the pressure was raising. 
And on top of all: no single car by-passed me in the direction of the hut. 
Finally, at around 21h, Karin, Hartmut and their cool three boys from Germany bypassed me and I could stop them. 
We had first a misunderstanding: he thought I just wanted to pass the river, which was in fact much far away as thought. And finally we could make it to Nyidatur where I took a place in the room accommodation because I was frozen. 
I cooked some pasta, as well for the boys… Happy to be arrived. 


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